Bamboo Options

  • Finish options include a Klumpp coating that comes with a longer warranty because of the quality of the ingredients.
  • Klumpp coatings wear extremely well and are certified to be free from toxic substances.
  • Bamboo floors are available with the following installation techniques: glue, nail, staple or floating in pre-finished or unfinished.
  • The installation process is the same as the process to install hardwood flooring.

Design Options:

  • Bamboo is offered in planks, tiles as well as handscraped.
  • The handscraped products have limited availability.
  • The grain of bamboo is either horizontal or vertical. Vertical graining is a thinner, more linear look while horizontal graining is wider showing the knuckles of the bamboo.
  • With horizontal, the pieces are arranged and laminated side by side flatways. With the vertical type the slats are stood upright on edge and then laminated.
  • The first colors that were introduced were carbonized and non-carbonized. The result were a natural, amber, brownish color as well as a yellow based color. The brownish amber color is achieved by pressure steaming the bamboo, which creates a darker color through carbonization.
  • More recently, colors ranging from rich reds to mochas and blacks are available.